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Spring 2021 Update – NOW OPERATIONAL!

Middlebury has once again approved us to operate under their COVID-19 guidelines. We will now be offering pro-rated pricing for any new signups beginning now (MARCH 23). Please contact us with questions about pricing, or whatever else you may be wondering!

We look forward to continuing a safe and reliable service for all Middlebury students!



We do your laundry for you!

Middlebury Wash & Carry is the solution for the Middlebury College student who is in need of a laundry service.

Whether you live in a dorm without any laundry machines, cherish the little time you have each day to complete your work or enjoy leisure activities, or simply want to feel the comfort of having experienced professionals clean your dirty laundry, Middlebury Wash & Carry is for you! 

Forget Your Laundry Routine

We will save you time, save you money, and offer you fast and convenient service when we clean your clothes.

With our services, doing your laundry is as easy as throwing it in a bag – done. We’ll handle the rest and we even provide the bag! Once a week, we’ll arrive at your door and and remove those seven days of wardrobe abuse and bring back a freshly folded, crisp as an autumn morning, ready to be proud of stack of style later that day.

It’s really quite a bit like magic. No smoke, no mirrors, just miracles.


So, how does it work?

Middlebury Wash & Carry has been providing laundry services to Middlebury College students since 1987. Here is how Middlebury Wash & Carry operates on a day-to-day basis:

Sign up for the whole year, or just a semester and just let us know your housing assignment or your off-campus address. When you arrive for school, we’ll come right to your door and deliver a laundry bag.

Once a week, we stop by your front door – early in the morning – and whisk your laundry away to be professionally cleaned, dried and folded. Later that day, when everything is (so) fresh and (so) clean – we bring it right back to your front door.

Students Providing Service to Students

Middlebury Wash & Carry, owned and operated by students. Established in 1987. Any questions, comments, or concerns you may have during the year are handled directly by student owners.

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Laundry pickup once each week for an entire semester.


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